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Are you a hip-hop enthusiast seeking a premium underground experience? Look no further than the ACTIVE CAMP MUZIK GROUP! This dynamic duo has established itself as one of the top south-based underground groups. 

ACMG draws from the rich and diverse cultures of R&B, old school, jazz, and hard street sounds, delivering a unique sonic experience to their listeners. In need of a music getaway? Download our music and immerse yourself in its distinct, dynamic sound. Fans continue to request and support what our creative minds produce for the entertainment world. 

Our journey has led to greater empowerment for the southern 

Muzik scene and garnered the attention of fans, proving our worth and talent. The south is indeed in good hands. 

Take a step forward and embrace our swag. Experience what makes us one of the most distinct independent labels to date. We have songs for FREE Download that welcomes your feedback and comments!

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If you're as excited about Active Camp as we are, we want to hear from you! Whether you're a fan, a supporter, or simply curious about the next chapter in Southern Muzik, fill out the form below to get in touch. Join us in embracing the ACMG movement and stay tuned for thrilling updates, exclusive releases, and much more.